Here are some of the reviews of our clients:
Ms. Shauna Vo in her site www.ourkoreanteapot.com and videos “Rustic Yet Charming” she wrote:   “Krystal Lodge was the perfect place for two travelers who wanted a unique experience in the Philippines, Coron Island in Palawan to be exact.”  They found Krystal Lodge as a unique hut that seems like it floats on water.  “The owners and people made the stay even more enjoyable. It’s a family-owned operation with the nicest family you’ll ever meet. If you decide to go to Coron Island, Palawan, I highly recommend to stay here.” She added: “Krystal Lodge (or Crystal Lodge) was the perfect place for our rustic yet relaxing vacation. It’s located in Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines. It’s about 100 meters before Sea Dive Resort in an alley way.”
From the blog www.nikoganda.com : “I will surely return to that heavenly place…definitely the place for me to stay is at Krystal Lodge.”
From Tony in their travel blog www.contemporarynomads.com he said: “As if that weren’t enough, we’ve found the coolest place to stay.  Krystal Lodge has turned its back on the ubiquitous sterile cement boxes that mar most of Southeast Asia’s coasts and embraces the funky, eclectic vibe of traditional Filipino stilt architecture with some cool innovations. Three of the bamboo bungalows, including our own, are built out over the ocean and are connected to the lodge via elevated walkways. Our open-sided, two-story hut allows for plenty of cool breeze, and light reflects in from the surrounding waters dancing across the ceiling as you lie in your basket-like rattan hammock and while away the hours.”
Families and friends may come and bond together here in Krystal Lodge. See you!

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