Krystal Lodge  
Krystal Lodge is a family-owned operation with humble beginnings which started in a slow pace back in 1994.
This lodge is a product of adventure of Arthur and Cely Langit  together with their sons and daughters: Edmund, Joey, Raymond, Warren, Mark, Krystal and Deborrah.  
Arthur, a former  air-conditioning mechanic, electrical specialist and inventor of an ice machine from Manila ventured into ice making in Coron and later he was offered to lease the area to embark into a more interesting and relaxing tourism business, that is, to build this lovely lodge!  His family fell in love with the paradise found and decided to transfer in their new home.
Krystal Lodge was derived from one of Arthur’s daughters whose name is Krystal.  Krystal symbolizes crystal ice from her father’s invention, and so with the crystal-like waters in the shore, which are all complete reflection of the awesome natural scenic beauty of Coron.
Krystal Langit promotes the beauty of Coron, Palawan and tourism in the area
In 2004, Arthur and Cely migrated to USA.  The lodge then was leased by foreigners for four years and was used by divers as their dwelling and meeting place before jumping to different diving sites in the area.  Travelers then spell it as Crystal Lodge.

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